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Published work

i.        Groundwork in Shiyeyi Grammar with a Shiyeyi-English Glossary- by Dr. Stephen Lukusa – University of Botswana

ii.       Shiyeyi phrases for use in the Okavango Delta

iii.     Yimba Shiyeyi (25 Hymns from UCCSA Church)

iv.     Annual Calendar with reading texts and pictures (each year we have a different theme for the Calendar)

v.      Manqee iShiyeyi (Shiyeyi stories)

vi.     Mayi nga maqa (Good News ( Portions of John with Gospel Music in Shiyeyi traditional melody)

  1. Ready for Publishing

i.        Mokwaro wo Shiyeyi (Shiyeyi Orthography)

ii.       Shiyeyi-English Transitional Primer

iii.     Storybook 1 (General topics Shiyeyi Daily life, hunting, etec)

iv.     Storybook 2 (Childrens diseases & recipes)

v.      Shiyeyi English Picture Dictionary

Association Activities

Current Activities include

  • Publishing the orthography
  • developing more reading materials
  • Developing the Cultural Centre at Gumare (this is where the Late Chief, Shikati Kamanakao was buried.
  • Conducting an annual cultural festival at which girls are taught about HIV/AIDS


1. Installation of the Wayeyi Regent – following the death of Shikati Kamanakao

2. Visit to Namibia

3. Annual Cultural Festival in April 2004

Photos of Wayeyi people



Wayeyi Traditionals

Wayeyi Traditional crafts

The main producers of baskets are the women of the Wayeyi and Hambukushu tribes in northwestern Botswana in Gumare and Etsha villages. The closed baskets with lids are used for storing grain, seeds, and sometimes sorghum beer. Large, open bowl shaped baskets are used by the women for carrying items on their heads and for winnowing grain after it has been threshed.

* adapted from

Wayeyi Traditional Dance

The wayeyi dance is unique to both other african tribes and the western dance.

To view the dance Click here!

Wayeyi Traditional Drums

The Wayeyi would beat drums, clap hands and sings loudly during the ceremonial times as some form of celebration!

The Wayeyi Chieftainship

Chieftainship Hierarchy

The Paramount Chief of Wayeyi

Shikati Calvin Kamanakao

Names of Provincial Chiefs

  • Shikati _______ (Maun)
  • Shikati ________(Toteng)
  • Shikati ________(Sehitwa)
  • Shikati ________(Tsao)
  • Shikati ________(Nokaneng)
  • Shikati ________(Gumare)
  • Shikati ________(Etsha)
  • Shikati ________(Sepopa)
  • Shikati ________(Shakawe)
  • Shikati ________(Seronga)
  • Shikati _________(Beetshaa)

The Executive Members

Dr. Lydia Nyati-Ramahobo, Coordinator

Mr. Kelebogile Shomanah, Chairman

Mr. Simon T. Meti, Vice Chairperson

Ms. Ruth Kauthemwa  Secretary

Ms. Flora Mmolao – Vice Secretary

Mrs. Gaba Nkape, Treasurer

Mr. Otukile Supang, Member

Mr. Matlhale Ncaangu – Member

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